Bravo Birds


This game is a perfect time-killer! Whenever you have some free time – join Bravo Birds on a mission to save the forest!
Lovely graphics, addicting gameplay, and simple, but challenging puzzles. Classical match 3 puzzles with lots of new fancy mechanics – you are going to love it! Connect fruits to match the color – the more the better! How far can you go? Try it, make birds happy with your skill, get rewards and have fun!

* Over 100 levels to complete.
* Match fruits and enjoy the result!
* Solve puzzles of different difficulty.
* Collect funny birds – they are your key to victory.
* Fight pigs and boars that occupy the forest.
* Compete with your friends. Who is the fastest?
* Open safe boxes, get awesome prizes.

This rewarding and fun game is great for every age. Kids and adults can have great fun playing the game. Got a few spare minutes? Or even an hour? Bravo Birds are waiting for you! But remember – it’s not just a waste of time, train your brain and boost your creativity with this colorful match 3 puzzle game.

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